Detailed Woodcutting Guide

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Detailed Woodcutting Guide

Post by SirYuu on Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:03 pm


Woodcutting is a skill used to chop logs from trees. These logs can be used for Firemaking, Fletching, or possibly Construction. Simply click on a tree to chop it down. However, you will need to have the necessary hatchet in your inventory or toolbelt and a minimum Woodcutting level. You can add a hatchet to your toolbelt. If you do not meet the woodcutting requirement of the hatchet, it will act as the highest level hatchet you can use.

Table of contents:

  • Tools

  • Training and locations

  • Helpful items

  • The Sawmill (This is for members only)

  • Jadinko Lair

  • Skill mastery

== Tools ==


Hatchets are the primary tool for woodcutting. The better your hatchet, the higher your chance of getting logs from the tree.

Dwarven army axe (members) Level 1
You get this for free when you talk to Larry the Lumberjack in Lumbridge or Moe the Miner south-west of Varrock.
Bronze Hatchet Level 1
Can be gotten for free from Bob's Brilliant Axes, player made or purchased from other players.
Iron Hatchet Level 1
Can be bought at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge, player made or purchased from other players.
Steel Hatchet Level 6
Can be bought at Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge, player made or purchased from other players.
Black Hatchet Level 6
Can not be smithed, although can be bought from other players or as a monster drop.
Mithril Hatchet Level 21
Can be player made, purchased from other players, as a monster drop.
Adamant Hatchet Level 31
Can be player made, purchased from other players, as a monster drop.
Rune Hatchet Level 41
Can be player made, purchased from other players, as a monster drop.
Dragon Hatchet (members) Level 61
Obtained by killing Dagannoth Kings in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.
Inferno Adze (members) Level 61
Reward for lighting all 14 beacons in the Beacon Network (after the All Fired Up quest. Also note that when cutting with the Inferno adze some logs will be burned. You will still receive the Woodcutting experience along with Firemaking experience. You will not receive the logs.)

Machetes (Members Only)

Machetes are members items and can only to be used on Karamja for cutting through jungle vegetation. They are mainly used for the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-up minigame, but one is needed to get into the Kharazi Jungle on Karamja as well. You can also store one in your toolbelt. Higher tiered machetes may be purchased at Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Co-Op, or received from Safta Doc in exchange for gems (cut and uncut), trading sticks, and gout tuber.

- Machete Level 1
Can be bought at Shilo Village and Tai Bwo Wannai Village general stores.
- Opal Machete Level 1
Can be bought at Gabooty's Co-op in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Safta Doc can also make these in exchange for 3 opals, 300 trading sticks, and 1 gout tuber.
- Jade Machete Level 1
Can be bought at Gabooty's Co-op in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Safta Doc can also make these in exchange for 3 jade, 600 trading sticks, and 1 gout tuber.
- Red Topaz Machete Level 1
Can be bought at Gabooty's Co-op in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Safta Doc can also make these in exchange for 3 red topaz, 1200 tradings sticks, and 1 gout tuber.

== Training and locations ==

I will follow this up where and what u can train on from levels 1 to 99. Starting with free to play and finishing it up with members only methods. I will however make one exception to this rule regarding 1 method:

Clan Citadel training plot: Levels: 1 - 99 (members only)

This is obviously the best method to train woodcutting since it gives up to 96.5k experience an hour and helps out your clan while you are at it. Also fairly afk no need to move around. All in all great to do for both your clan and yourself.

An additional benefit of collecting resources in a clan citadel is that it makes the player eligible to receive bonus experience from their clan's Quartermaster.

- Free to play methods

- Normal Tree Levels: 1 - 15 / 25 experience
This is what everybody starts on. This gives the only type of logs that can be used to Fletch arrow shafts. Regular trees are also seen around the world in three other different varieties. 'Dead' Trees, 'Dying Trees,' and 'Evergreen' Trees. They give the same Exp as normal trees except some dead trees in the Wilderness give Charcoal instead of logs. Look for dense forests as these will be the most efficient locations.

- Oak Tree Levels: 15 - 30  / 37,5 experience
The next step up from normal, these can be used to gain xp. A popular choice for making planks to train Construction.
Oak trees at:
. East of Draynor bank, including near the Jail.
. South of Varrock.
. Quite a few west of Catherby bank (p2p).
. Many just outside Castle Wars (p2p).
. Many just outside of Varrock's East gate.

- Willow Tree Levels: 30 - 60 or 75  / 67,5 experience
The most common tree apart from normal. Used by many players for firemaking and fletching as it is not too hard to obtain and there is a good market for their logs.
Willow trees at:
. Six just South-west of Draynor bank.
. Four next to the bar in Port Sarim.
. Ten South of Rimmington.
. North of Seer's bank (p2p).
. Eight in front of Barbarian Assault, with a deposit box just inside. (p2p)
. Six located inside the resource dungeon on Daemonheim peninsula.

- Maple Tree Levels: 60 - 75
45 / 100 experience
Not a green tree! There are plenty of these around Seers' village, especially north towards the Fremennik Province. The only place these trees are currently available on F2P is in the Dungeoneering resource dungeon on Daemonheim peninsula.
Maple trees at:
. In the Dungeoneering resource dungeon on Daemonheim peninsula.
. North of Seers' bank (p2p).
. A few outside the Legend's Guild (p2p).
. Multiple North of McGrubor's wood by the railway (p2p).
. South West of Sinclair's Mansion and on the road to the Fremennik Province from . . Seers' village (p2p).

- Yew Tree Levels: 75 - 99 / 175 experience
A good tree to cut down if you want to make money and the best available for f2p players.
* Note that this method will make you a bit of profit but it will take you longer to reach 99.
Yew trees at:
. Three north of Varrock Palace.
. Three south-west of Lumber Yard (Varrock).
. Three south of Falador.
. Four North of Rimmington. These yews are very close to the POH entrance.
. Two South of Edgeville bank.
. Four between Draynor and Lumbridge.
. Three in the cemetery in Seer's village (P2P).
. Seven West of Catherby under the beehives (P2P).
. Four south east corner of Gnome Stronghold (P2P).
. Three near Legends Guild (P2P).
. Four in Isafdar, east of Tyras Camp. This spot is quite hard to reach and far from . . banks, however can be used to train woodcutting and firemaking simultaneously (P2P).

- Members only Methods

- Teak Tree Levels: 68 - 90 (Members non afk)  / 85 experience (80 - 100k experience/hour)
Generally used to make planks for Construction.
Teak trees at:
. Tai Bwo Wannai tree grove
. Kharazi Jungle
. Ape Atoll
. near Uzer
. south of Castle Wars
. Mos Le'Harmless

- Choking Ivy Levels: 68 - 94 (Members afk)  / 332.5 experience (60-90k experience/hour)
Earns fast experience points. Cutting it does not produce items in your inventory (such as logs.) However, a bird’s nest may still randomly fall while cutting.
Choking Ivy at:
. Varrock Palace, north side near yews and south-east near Tree farming patch
. Falador, outside north wall and outside south wall
. Taverley, south-east
. East Ardougne, outside east wall of church
. Yanille, outside north wall
. Castle Wars, outside south wall

- Arctic Pine Tree Levels: 90 - 99 (Members non afk)  / 140.2 experience (105-125k experience/hour)
These are found on the Island of Neitiznot from The Fremennik Isles quest.

- Magic Tree Levels: 85 - 90 (Members profit) / 250 experience (20-30k experience/hour - 110k gp/hour)
A tree imbued with magic. Takes a while to chop down, but very profitable when done till 90.
Magic trees at:
. Four South of the Sorceror's tower.
. Around the Ranged guild.
. Gnome's stronghold.
. Just outside Lletya.
. Mage Training Arena.
. Resource Dungeon in Varrock Sewers.

- Elder Tree
Levels: 90 - 99 (Members profit)  / 395 experience (30-40k experience/hour -400k/hour = 90m gp when 99)
A tree introduced late 2013. No competition when chopping because the trees are instanced, similar to trees you farm yourself. Elder logs provide the best profit per log.
Elder trees at:
. South of edgeville bank
. Directly north of farming site south of Falador
. South of bank in Draynor Village
. West of the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
. East of the Varrock lodestone
. South of the Yanille pet store, outside the wall

- Crystal tree
Levels: 94 - 99 (Members afk) / 434.5 experience (95-105k experience/hour)
A tree introduced late 2013. Similar to ivy, this tree produces no logs. It randomly produces crystal geodes. One earns about 100k XP and 5-10 geodes per hour. The chance of obtaining a geode can be increased with scrimshaws and such, with a superior scrimshaw generally netting you over an inventory's with every hour. For further information on how to locate crystal trees on the locations below i would advise you to look up a specific guide.
Crystal trees at:
. South-west of Rellekka
. Directory north of farming site south of Falador
. North of the Flax field in seers
. Dark Wizards' Tower east of Falador
. North-west of the POH portal on Brimhaven
. South of the Wizards' guild in Yanille (outside the town)
. North-west of the Observatory
. South-east of the Gnomeball minigame in the Tree Gnome Stronghold

== Helpful items ==

- Woodcutting Urns

Urns collect woodchips while you are woodcutting which can eventually be teleported away for free experience once it is filled. There are four different woodcutting urns. Each urn requires a different crafting level to make and will give a different amount of experience when you fill it up and teleport it away. Chopping higher level trees will fill the urn faster than lower level trees, but the experience for teleporting the urn away is the same regardless of what fills it up.

Before you can start filling an urn, you need to activate it with an earth rune. Adding the rune requires the same crafting level as making the urn. You can have up to ten non-empty urns in your bank at once. This includes partially filled urns, completely filled urns and anything in between. You can check the level of your urn by right-clicking the urn in your inventory and choosing the Check-level option. It will also give you a message once it is 1/4 full, 1/2 full, 3/4 full or completely full.

  • Cracked Woodcutting Urn

Level 4 Crafting / 160 experience
Charged from all trees level 10 and below

  • Fragile Woodcutting Urn

Level 15 Crafting / 425 experience
Charged from all trees level 35 and below

  • Woodcutting Urn

Level 44 / 825 experience
Charged from all trees level 58 and below

  • Strong Woodcutting

Urn Level 61 / 1662.5 experience
Charged from all trees level 75 and below

- Skill boosts (Members only)

The Stealing Creation minigame offers two helpful axes that can be purchased with 20 Stealing Creation points a piece.
- Volatile Clay Hatchet 2.2x increased experience gain
Obtained at random from the Volatile tool. Requires Level 40 woodcutting. Disintegrates after the charges of the tool fall to 0% or after reassigning the tool ten times.
- Sacred Clay Hatchet 2x increased experience gain Obtained by choosing the transform option on the Proto-tool. Requires Level 40 woodcutting. Disintegrates after the charges of the tool fall to 0%.

If you complete the Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite Seers' Village Tasks, you can use the following headbands to boost your woodcutting. Note: Seers' Headband 2, 3 and 4 can only be used in Seers' Village and on Maple trees to receive the boost.

- Seer's Headband 1
Gives a chance to recieve two logs when cutting normal trees.
- Seer's Headband 2 / 3 / 4
Gives an extra log or two when cutting normal trees. Grants 10 more xp when cutting maples in Seers' Village.

- Summoning aides
Summoning offers several familiars to aid your woodcutting. Below is are all summuning creatures which boost woodcutting.

- Level 33 Beaver Pouch
Does not fight, Forages logs and planks, Acts as knife in Fletching, Boosts Woodcutting +2
- Level 78 Giant Ent
Fights (level 137) Controlled, Forages oak logs, Converts pure essence to earth/nature runes, Increased yield when harvesting fruit trees, belladonna, bushes and cactus

- Lumberjack clothing
The Lumberjack outfit consists of four pieces: hat, shirt, legs and boots.
You gain extra woodcutting experience, per item cut, for each piece of the outfit you wear, with an additional bonus for wearing the complete outfit. Seperately the pieces give 1% bonus experience. The complete outfit gives a 5% experience boost.

- Skillchompas

Skillchompas are skilling tools gained through Hunter which provide an explosive alternative to conventional skill training.

Wielded as a weapon, Skillchompas provide the regular resources one would expect from Woodcutting as well as acting as different levelled hatchets (see the levels section for more). On top of this, you will receive a 10% base xp increase for each successful action, and a little xp if unsuccessful.

. Cobalt skillchompa Level 31 Acts as a mithril hatchet
. Viridian skillchompa Level 41 Acts as an adamant hatchet
. Azure skillchompa Level 51 Acts as a runite hatchet
. Crimson skillchompa Level 61 Acts as a dragon hatchet

== The Sawmill == (Members only)

- Location:
The Sawmill is connected to the south-east corner of the Lumberyard in Varrock, directly east of the Sawmill Operator's shed.

Experienced Woodcutters can earn fast experience working at the Sawmill by completing various Sawmill Jobs. Level 80 Woodcutting and a saw are required. Free saws are available from a crate at the Sawmill. A crystal saw works faster, provides double experience for cutting planks, and no charges are consumed in the process.

Operating the sawmill is fairly straightforward, but for more specific information, i would recommend checking out a specific guide towards for The sawmill in general.

== Jadinko Lair == (Members only)

The Jadinko Lair lies in the south-east corner of Karamja, to the east and across the waterfall from Shilo Village. Grab your hatchet and venture beneath the surface to find a lair filled with your target, jade roots. These roots hang from the ceiling, curling and uncurling randomly. The position the roots hang determine the kind of root you'll receive when you cut them. Both types of root will give you the same experience per cut, but will yield different types of roots with different uses. A third type of root, mutated, can also be cut. There are fewer of these roots available, but they give more experience per cut than the other two root types.

- Straight roots Level: 83 161.6 experience
Requires two cuts to fully sever the root, with each cut giving 80.8 experience. Four roots are received upon fully cutting. Used in the Fletching skill.
- Curly roots Level: 83 161.6 experience
Requires two cuts to fully sever the root, with each cut giving 80.8 experience. Four roots are received upon fully cutting. Used in the Firemaking skill.
- Mutated roots Level: 83 140 experience
Does not require two cuts like the other vines, exp is per one cut. Cutting mutated roots will yield several Mutated Vines, which stack, unlike the other two root types. These vines can be attached to Sagaie Shafts to create Sagaie, or strung between Excrescences to make a pair of Bolas

== Skill mastery ==

- Cape of achievement

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy a Woodcutting cape from Wilfred. If you already have another 99 skill, or obtain another one while wearing the cape (unless you have it keepsaked), it will become a Woodcutting cape (t).

- Gatherer's part

After obtaining 99 Woodcutting it becomes possible to obtain a Wooden shard randomly, which can be combined with other shards from the other gathering skills (Divination, Farming, Fishing, Hunter, Mining) to create a Gatherer's cape and Gatherer's hood. The cape has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape and the helm is purely cosmetic.

- True Woodcutting mastery

Achieving 99 is the ultimate goal for many players, however the skill does not stop there. For players wanting to show off their dedication to a skill it is possible to obtain "True Mastery" by obtaining "120 Woodcutting" which is 104,273,167 XP. The Woodcutting master cape can then be purchased from Wilfred.

This is the end of my guide on woodcutting. If u have any feedback at all feel free to post in the comments below or pm me ingame as it is greatly appreciated ^^.

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