Merchanting style: Bulk flipping.

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Merchanting style: Bulk flipping.

Post by kirito on Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:32 pm

What it is:

Bulk Flipping: is the act of buying large quantities of an item with a stable price range of a few coins, then selling that item for a slightly higher price. The profit on each item is very small, often only a couple of gold each, but the massive quantity results in large profits. Large amounts of available cash are often required to perform Bulk Flipping, but can result in a higher profit than other merchanting methods. When bulk flipping, 20 million or more is almost surely needed.

I have not spent much time doing this method of trading, but i can speculate that the items that fit under this category would be cheap consumables. Items like the standard runes are the only possible examples i can give. These type of trades would be the ones you put in the grand exchange and let sit for a while and some back to after it is filled. (I will add a visual example below when i try or find one.)

Another form of bulk flipping

There is another commonly used flipping method that is not as described above but best fits under this topic. It is common for merchanters to make several accounts to flip with. This allows the to bypass the buy limit to an extent. In example if there is a buy limit on an item of 10k and a merchanter has 3 accounts to buy them with. He could essentially do 30k of this item every 4 hours instead of 10k. This allows more profit off the same items in less time. I have attempted to use this method of flipping and found it to be profitable. I even maintained the subscription on all the accounts via bonds. My only warning to this method is it can become very consuming and u can get wrapped up in it with no time for anything else in the game.

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