Detailed Summoning Guide

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Detailed Summoning Guide

Post by SirYuu on Sun Dec 20, 2015 5:09 pm

Hello i am Sir Yuu and after some questions in the clan chat i decided to make this guide. This will be the first guide i ever made hence i greatly appreciate any feedback u might have. If so feel free to post below.

Table of contents:

. What is Summoning?
. Helpfull items.
. Training method.
. What Pouches to Make.
. Charm collecting.
. Tips and tricks.

== What is Summoning? ==

Summoning is the 24th skill to be released in RuneScape, focusing both on the enhancement of other current skills and mainly the calling of otherworldly creatures in order to aid the summoner in battle. As per its namesake, Summoning allows the player to summon creatures from pouches. These creatures grant a variety of bonuses, such as the invisible +10 Mining boost from a Lava Titan, or the quick Farming boost from the Dreadfowl, or even the sheer powerhouse of the various titans. In addition to these creatures, your Summoning level also allows you to own a variety of pets, from a baby gecko, to a proud dragon.

Being counted as a combat skill, Summoning does affect your combat level. 12 levels can be gained from Summoning alone, raising the maximum level from the previous 126 to 138. On average, 8 levels in Summoning raises your combat level by 1. Contrary to popular belief, it does not affect your level in the Wilderness provided you do not have a familiar summoned or are not carrying any pouches or scrolls.

In order to begin training Summoning, you must complete the Wolf Whistle quest. You will not need to complete the quest to gather charms, although you won't be able to use them until you do.

== Helpfull items ==

First of all there is the Shaman outfit. It contains the following pieces:

- Shaman's headdress
- Shaman's poncho
- Shaman's leggings
- Shaman's hand wraps
- Shaman's moccasins

Each set piece boosts Summoning experience gained by 1% when worn. Unfortunatly the only way to get these items is through Treasure Hunter. If u are lucky enough be sure to equip the items to gain bonus experience. As a bonus if u equip all pieces u gain a additional 1% bonus experience.

Second of all are the Sprit Gems. Spirit gems are pocket slot items that give a chance of saving a charm when worn while creating Summoning pouches. There are 6 in total which i will cover now:

. Spirit sapphire - 10% chance, 10 charges
. Spirit emerald - 20% chance, 20 charges
. Spirit ruby - 30% chance, 30 charges
. Spirit diamond - 40% chance, 40 charges
. Spirit dragonstone - 50% chance, 50 charges
. Spirit onyx - 60% chance, 60 charges

The gems are obtained by either monster drops or mining gem rocks in Prifddinas.
Preferably you save sprit gems for blue or crimson charms. These charms are more rare which is also why its much more valuable to safe these instead of gold or green charms.

Last but not least is the Charming imp. The charming imp requires a Summoning level of 21 and a Dungeoneering level of 21 to purchase. If you have the charming imp in your backpack or equipped in your pocket slot, he will pick up all charms dropped by any monsters that you kill - as long as you have space in your inventory. You can also tell him to keep charms if you do not want them at all. Charms that are kept by the imp will not appear on the ground or in your inventory. To tell the imp what charms to keep, right-click his inventory icon and choose 'Configure'.

Should you choose to stop the imp from picking up certain charms, you will gain a small amount of Summoning xp per charm. However, converting your charms to summoning experience is not recommended as each charm is worth far more experience used in a pouch than what can be obtained from the charming imp.

This item however costs 100,000 Dungeoneering tokens. This means u will need atleast a level of 73 Dungeoneering to obtain it. Also note that for 500 slayer points you can unluck the ability to add the charming imp to your slayer belt.

== Training method ==

In short there are 3 training methods to making pouches. I will list them below from easiest to hardest.

First of all there is the Taverley shop method.
This method simply means running back and forth between the Taverly bank and the Taverly Summoning shop. U could also lodestone back to Taverley after u went to the Summoning shop however it is about the same amount of time. This is what you will most likely use when you are low level summoning and unfortunately there are not really any better ways to go about this.

Second of all there is the Spirit Kyatt method.
At 52 Summoning the Spirit Kyatt becomes available which will be your next best method. U can use the Summoning familiar to directly teleport u towards a Summoning obelisk. Afterwards u can simply use a Ring of Dueling or a Tokkul-Zo to teleport back to bank and repeat the process. This method is a lot faster then Running back and forth in Taverley hence it is recommended to get into this.
The spirit Kyatt pouch is usually priced between 6000 and 12000 gp. Which is a small price to pay for this method.

Last of all there is the method of noting.
This is a method only for those for who'm money is not relevant and you just want the fastest way to train Summoning. For this method you follow these steps.
1. Note all your secondary items for pouch making.
2. Sell those to the Taverley shop. (next to the Summoning obelisk)
3. Buy 1 inventory of the items u just sold to the shop.
4. Make pouches.
5. Sell pouches to the shop.
6. Repeat buying the secondary items and selling the pouches.

However this is very expensive since u dont get a lot of return gp from your pouches since you are not selling them at the Grand Exchange or returning them for shards. This method though really is twice as fast as the spirit kyatt method.

== What pouches to make? ==

Note i will only post usefull pouches to make. This might not cover all pouches since some are just not viable for multiple reasons. This either being to low xp gain or the items for the pouch cost to much gp.

- Gold Charms:

Levels 4 - 15:
8 shards
Raw chicken
9,3 xp/pouch

Levels 16 - 28:
Granite Crabs
7 shards
Iron ore
21 xp/pouch

Levels 52 - 65:
Spirit Terrorbird
12 shards
Raw bird meat
68,4 xp/pouch

Levels 66 - 99:
Barker Toad
11 shards
Swamp toad
87 xp/pouch

Green Charms:

(A small side note for green charms is that they are primairly good for earlier levels as they tend to be quite expensive to train with. At lower levels however it doesnt cost that much to go between levels anyways hence at this point they are viable)

Levels 28 - 32:
Compost Mound
47 shards
49,9 xp/pouch

Levels 33 - 40:
72 shards
Willow log
57,6 xp/pouch

Levels 41 - 55:
78 shards
clean guam
72,4 xp/pouch

Levels 56 - 68:
109 shards
98.8 xp/pouch

Levels 69 - 79:
Fruit Bat
130 shards
121,2 xp/pouch

Levels 80 - 87:
128 shards
Water orb
140,8 xp/pouch

Levels 88 - 99:
Unicorn Stalion
140 shards
Unicorn horn
154,4 xp/pouch

Crimson Charms:
(While there are lower level pouches for crimson charms i recommend saving them untill atleast level 46. However if u can i would advise not using them untill u reach the higher levels of Summoning)

Levels 46 - 48:
111 shards
202,4 xp/pouch

Levels 49 - 63:
Bloated Leech
117 shards
Raw beef
215,2 xp/pouch

Levels 64 - 73:
Stranger Plants
128 shards
Bagged plant 1
281,6 xp/pouch

Levels 74 - 84:
Granite Lobster
166 shards
325,6 xp/pouch

Levels 85 - 94:
Swamp Titan
150 shards
Swamp lizard
373,6 xp/pouch

Levels 94 - 95:
Iron Titan
198 shards
Iron platebody
417.6 xp/pouch

Levels 96 - 99:
Pack Yak
211 shards
Yak hide
422,4 xp/pouch

Blue Charms:

(The same as with crimson charms there are lower level pouches, i personally recommend not using any at all untill level 57. However if u can u would hold on to them untill level 79. U will not be getting many blue charms since they are a very rare drop from most monsters unless you are killing specefic monster for blue charms.)

Levels 57 - 72:
Spirit Kyatt
153 shards
Kyatt fur
501,6 xp/pouch

Levels 73 - 78:
Obsidian Golem
195 shards
Obsidian charm
642,4 xp/pouch

Levels 79 - 82:
Moss Titan
202 shards
Earth talisman
695,2 xp/pouch

Levels 83 - 88:
Lava Titan
219 shards
Obsidian charm
730,4 xp/pouch

(Obsidian charm drops from specific monsters, TzHaar-Hur - level 74 > TzHaar-Ket - level 149/156 > TzHaar-Mej - level 103 > TzHaar-Xil - level 133)

Levels 89 - 99:
Geyser Titan
222 shards
Water talisman
783,2 xp/pouch

== Charm collecting ==

Here i will cover ways of collecting charms. Do notice that most charms are collected from killing monsters. There are 2 main other ways (one of them technically speaking is still killing a monster) to collect charms.

First of all Bonfire firemaking training:
Simply add logs to an existing fire. You will gain fm xp along with the occasional flame spirit who will give you charms as a reward. The type varies.

Second of all Bork:
Kill bork once a day to get charms. The guaranteed charm drops are as follows: 5 blue, 7 crimson and 2 green charms.
If Wearing a Ring of wealth: adds 5 blue, 10 crimson, 3 green.
If all varrock tasks completed: 10 blue, 14 crimson, 4 green.

Now i will cover some monsters with good charm drop rates. This in order of Gold/green/crimson and finally blue.

- Gold charms:
Rock crabs (level 13) - These can drop up to 15 gold charms per minute. Located in north rellekka. Dwarf cannon is useful for low levelled players. Others can melee easily.

Moss Giants (level 42)- These have a higher drop rate of gold charms than rock crabs. Can be found in varrock sewers/resource dungeon. Can be meleed easily.

Ice Giants (level 57)- Even a higher drop rate of gold than Moss. Low defence as well, very simple to kill. Located in Asgarnia dungeon/near mudskipper point. Very weak to melee styles.

Giant Rock Crabs(level 137) - They drop 3 gold charms at a time, and are weak to fire magic spells. Located in the Chaos tunnels. Can be good for bursting/barraging. Personally i think these are one of the best if not the best gold charm dropper.

- Green charms:

Cave Bugs (level 96) - These are located in the chaos tunnels, and drop frequent green charms.

Bloodvelds (level 76/81) - Located in the slayer tower. These can be ranged since there are safespots at the tower, they are weak to throwing weapons. Make sure to wear dragonhide armour when fighting them.

Mithril Dragons (level 112) - These are located in the ancient cavern. They can be fairly killed by magic, specifically polypore if the player has the correct stats and food. They can also be meleed, if the player has overloads, turmoil, super antifires, and a high healing familiar. They Drop 4 at a time. Mithril dragons are weak to earth magic.

Steel dragons (level 100) - These are located in the Brimhaven dungeon. They are weak to magic, particularly polypore and fire wave spells. They can also be meleed by higher level players who can afford overloads, super antifires, and rapier. These Drop 3 at a time.

Iron Dragons (level 189) - These are also located in the Brimhaven dungeon. They are weak to magic, particularly polypore and fire wave spells. They can also be meleed by higher level players who can afford overloads, super antifires, and rapier. These Drop 2 at a time.

- Crimson charms:

Black Demons (level 98) -
These are located in the taverly dungeon, the chaos tunnels and the resource dungeon in the chaos tunnels.
These are weak to bolt weapons. You can also use a dwarf cannon for quick charms, but the cannon can only be used in the taverly dungeon.

Waterfiends (level 107) - Probably the most common monster killed for crimson charms. These beauties are located in the ancient cavern, accessible by the fairy ring code BJQ. These creatures are weak to bolt weapons and Silverlight. They frequently drop noted water orbs, sea weed, mithril ore, and snape grass, as well as rune helms.
They are also located in the chaos tunnels.

Rock lobsters (level 100)- Also commonly killed for their crimson charms. These are usually barraged/ice bursted. With the proper mage gear and enough money for runes, these can give you around 150-250 crimson charms per hour. Note that there might be crashers who may come to your world. You might have to regroup them once they get non agressive. An almost full inventory of prayer renewals/super prayers, can last a LONG amount of hours here.

Glacors (level 475) - These drop a good amount of crimson and blue charms. People usually kill these for their rare boot drops (steadfast, glavien, ragefire). A very recommended way to kill these are by using fire spells, especially fire surge. When going for Glacors however i would recommend u look up a guide for them specificly on youtube.

- Blue charms:

Glacors - drop these frequently. They also drop effigies. Read what I wrote above for more information (Crimson charm section).

Aberrant Sceptres (level 104) - Located in the slayer tower and polliniveach dungeon, They require 60 slayer to kill. Note that they drop a highly profitable amount of herbs and seeds. They are actually even in the charm drops. These monsters are weak to throwing weapons and so it is recommended to use this to your advantage. Equipping a salve amulet (e) is helpful to kill these because of the special ability.

Gargoyle (level 111) - Requires 75 slayer to do damage and kill. Make sure you have a rock hammer in order to kill its last few hp. These drop granite mauls, blue charms, rune full helms, alchable steel equipment, and dark mystic robes. A chaotic maul or saradomin sword on crush, is good to kill them. They are located in the chaos tunnels, kuradals dungeon, and slayer tower.

Dark Beats (level 105) - require 90 slayer to kill, and are located in the mourner tunnels. They drop the rare dark bow and death talisman. These are weak against Bolt weapons. They have an average blue charm drop rate of 15%.

Tormented Demons (level 450) - They can be killed once you complete While Guthix Sleeps. These are located in the ancient guthix temple. This area is multicombat, so its recommended to kill these in teams. They use all three styles of attack and can use protection prayers against YOU. These drop the rare dragon claws, ruined dragon armour slices, and clue scrolls. You should have a sapphire lantern in your inventory to kill these. Since these are somewhat tedious and complex to kill, I would recommend looking up a guide for further information.

== Tips and tricks ==

1. There are various areas in Gielinor where Familiars are not welcome however you will be warned if you try to enter such an area with a Familiar or try to summon one there. Certain minigames such as Barrows and Barbarian Assault do not allow Familiars. The Corporeal Beast will eat any Familiars taken into its lair.

2. Beasts of Burden cannot carry higher value items, however the Pack Yak Familiar can still send items to a player's bank regardless of their value.

3. Exchanging pouches for shards is a good way to recoup some money on some of the harder to sell pouches, even more so if you have completed the Tirannwn Hard Task set as Lord Amlodd gives you 10% more shards than Bogrog.

4. After obtaining 99 Summoning it becomes possible to obtain a summoned shard randomly which can be combined with other shards from the other combat skills (Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged and Strength) to create a combatant's cape. It has the same stats as a trimmed skill cape.

This is the end of my Summoning guide I do hope u find this guide helpfull when u start training Summoning. Once again any feedback is greatly appreciated so feel free to post below  Very Happy.

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